pura e autentica  /  pure and authentic
a 5D consciousness workshop on 16-17 March 2019 in Locarno, Switzerland

a straightforward, true, heart to heart communication, that of a new born
why is it so important ?
when we speak, various aspects of our Selves are being unveiled. If what we say or how we say it isn’t in tune with our essence, it creates a dissonance, which causes unease, i.e something in us shuts down painfully. This dissonance also disturbs and darkens the interpersonal space, which makes being heard and listened to much more unlikely



communication can be instantaneous, spontaneous and direct

no words are needed, hardly any form either
it is a vibratory transmission by resonance

pristine purity
tremendously powerful
impeccably precise
it comes in a myriad of specific sensations

transmission happens though the body
mind and heart are empty and vacant, they begin to vibrate and resonate
distorsion and loss of meaning are insignificant
they are due to the trouble the experience and cause for the receiver


we had this amazing experience in a group, as we connected remotely with a new born baby a few hours after his birth
what the information about the workshop was describing has become true, perfect synchronicity !

no words can describe the quality of what we experienced, simple sounds could perhaps tell a little more …
but what follows became obvious to all of us


when we reach such a level of quality in the relationship we have with ourselves
we can go through the moments of anxiety, fear, panic that block us or trigger our usual escape strategies

and in the relationships with others we can choose to
come closer to someone or let someone come closer to us
make contact of let someone touch us
reach deeper into his/her depth or let him/her open us more

confidence (in ourselves and in the other) can build up gradually because the purity of the common energy field at that moment gives protection, nourishment and comfort to both partners through every phase of their interaction