sanscrit for heart cakra is anahata (=non struck, referring to inner sound, resonance of Self)
this cakra (traditionally relating to element air and sense of touch) is the tuning fork of our ascension holding the frequency of Source

when we experience life on Earth (touching and being touched), our heart keeps dilating and retracting in response to internal and external triggers causing waves of emotions and possibly disturbances when the mind (our free will) interferes with and takes control over these movements. We keep jumping off centre and back again until a perfect balance of mind and heart is reached. Magnetic resonance instantly grounds our heart into the Earth star and by breaking through the Soul star veil reconnects us with our limitless Self and Source

symbolically expressed by the enlightening connection of nadir and zenith (root and crown cakra), the awakening of our heart fully activates all cakra we are in command of at the current stage of evolution attuning them with the frequency of love. Ascension ensues


safe journey !