the bigger picture
31 January 2019, twisted beeches in Verzy, near Reims, France

yaza = outside at night, the zen practice of sitting outdoors
star gazing, deep within oneself, attuning with Self
a necessary upgrade after both winter eclipses (on 6 and 21 January 2019)

the twisted beeches, a huge power site in Verzy, near Reims, inviting alignment and grounding, the French kings used to stay there before their coronation

here are glimpses of the descent within ourselves and the reconnection with the cosmos we experienced together

recordings are in French ! so if you can understand French it’s a great opportunity to dive into another part of your self and raise your frequency
and if you don’t, I’d recommend immersing yourself fully in the sounds of the language and absorbing the frequencies of the place and event, a sound meditation


  1. the inner work


      2. the bigger picture


bon voyage