highlights of the summer, the precious face-to-face encounters in the protected vibratory space of the super-intensives



an agreed rendezvous, a meeting long nurtured and never predictable of course

at the crossroads of two trajectories: the confluence of frequency fields
our presence in a here and now, it’s here!
a renewed sense of wonder



the writing of things has the sinuosities of a river spread out, meanders with wide loops delivering in passing some strata of the ground it covers

echoes, resonances that make sense (or not)


emotional turbulence bounces back and forth as water bumps into, blocks, then jumps over an obstacle
in a whirlpool that is at turns joyful, feverish, furious, dejected, confident, a heap of debris rises to the surface and passes by, empty and inert forms carried along by the current

upheaval, tension, then relaxation, deep relaxation, letting go



simplify, lighten, purify: the water flows, the wind blows, the clouds pass by

the gravid matrix of our earth is gradually laid bare

what makes it vibrate, the rhythm of its gestation

simple, clear consciousness

without form.



the miracle always takes place at the highest common frequency at that moment
sometimes we don’t feel it, because we’re not there

the expansion we feel opens us up to other frequencies
let it happen, without resistance! (easy to say)

new vibrations descend and are activated in dense matter
blossoming: the wonder of a sensitive blooming



other aspects and dimensions of our multi-dimensional being appear in our material reality

we’re not the same, something has changed!
that sounds right!


and yet the ego can get caught in a dilemma between the old identity, caught up in the beliefs that maintain it, and a liberating upheaval that invites us to embrace the next version of ourselves, a truer and fuller life.

resistance, loss of meaning, floundering until it finds its footing in the new frequency.
it’s pleasant or not, it doesn’t matter