inner and outer reality mirror each other 

your inner weather (moods, state of body-heart-mind) alters your vision of reality
like when you are worried and our inner movie feeds any worst case scenario you can think of 
like when you are short fused, due to rubbing irritation, internalised anger or else, and anything vaguely resembling fire or the colour red triggers you
like when you are stuck and the entire world should be put on hold, because you can’t move on


perception is projection, by default

even when you are completely present and focused, what you perceive of reality is a projection of your inner world

you see what you expect to see, consciously or not
like when you read reality through your favourite grid and see an evidence or bad omen in everything

you don’t get a full picture, but only what you are aware of
like when you overlook big chunks of reality, which don’t fit in your box or could question it

your vision goes through the funnel of your limiting belief system, which shrinks and colours anything you get in touch with
like when based on your own feelings, you assume what someone else is going through must be tough


living in the now is not enough

it doesn’t stop you from projecting your reality into your world, unless you take off your sunglasses, aka the layers of stuff that darken your perception

living in the now doesn’t save you the trouble of sorting out your own issues, on the contrary, the necessity of inner work becomes so obvious

as long as you hold on to your projections (remaining attachment to old paradigm)
your perception is altered
your understanding is programmed
your creation is fake


what if we faced reality through void and stillness ?

practically, nothing,    n.o.t.h.i.n.g                           pure awareness and consciousness
like the empty space within and in-between things where anything is possible

in a human shape we are not pure undefined all encompassing consciousness, we are defined and equipped specifically for the tasks at hand, instead


pure awareness and consciousness, then

this quality and this level allow us to touch pure consciousness (within and around), letting our instrument resonate with it and express itself in its unique way