3-4 March London, UK

ONE consciousness
ONE world
ONE humanity

and here you speak of separation
Igor Stravinsky at Cape Point, South Africa


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our core wound is our unique version of separation

all wounds originate in the split from unity to duality eons ago
we all took part in it and hold a fragment of it ever since, an imprint in the matter of our bodies

our wound expresses in many ways specific to the parts of our consciousness that are embodied in this life time and it reflects how we experienced the gap at the origin of time-space, when ONE became TWO

suddenly one became unstable, saturated and split into two and the spiral of manifestation started unfolding

the world as we know it is a very small part of manifestation, every bit of it keeps the memory of both unity and the initial split

the wound needs healing, we can’t possibly be happy and enjoy life on Earth until our essential unity and integrity is restored, when TWO become ONE

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