after last night’s full Moon (18 May at 22:11 GMST)

a message from the cosmos


remember who you are, your cosmic origin and star lineage
acknowledge your multidimensional being
honour your embodiment, your contracts and sacred destiny
be part of the living and conscious network of light, decidedly
pay your tribute to Self in your body-heart-mind-spirit, and in others, the earth and the cosmos

beyond anything generic
gain perspective on your authentic, unique, specific reality and impact
take responsibility for being your Self and contributing your unique frequency and genuine talents

rather than attempting to be seen, recognised, respected and loved
focus on seeing, recognising, respecting and loving your Self
this generates and activates a field of coherence and harmonic resonance around you, wherever you are and whatever you are involved in

go deeper and deeper within into the stillness of the zero point where anything is possible and reset, reset, reset    again and again, every day

breathe in and out all fragrances of life
share, exchange, learn to receive as much as you give and to give as much as you receive, balancing worlds (big and small) and dimensions (of which you are conscious or not)

your true Self is far bigger than what you know of yourself
it is authentic, unconventional and free
it follows no other guidance than from within
it doesn’t fit in any box nor does it comply with any rule
it expresses the Truth of Self exclusively
being part of a coherent interdependent Whole is its greatest joy

this is likely to clash with who/what you believe to be
the shell of conventions and beliefs entrapping you must crack open for you to discover who you truly are and embody your unique version of the Truth




on a full Moon, Sun (our eternal consciousness) and Moon (our embodied consciousness) face each other on either side of the zodiac, each month with a different background of two complementary signs. This full Moon took place in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, and shed light on the phase of transmutation process we are currently in

Taurus invites the full embodiment of our eternal Self on the Earth plane, as part of an experiment and seeding for further developments in other realms of life

Scorpio (where the Moon was) reminds us of the transformation the seed undergoes at the time of sprouting : when its season is due, sown in damp fertile soil with suitable temperature, soaking the environment in, it will extract its essence so it can give it form. That’s exactly what we are experiencing right now

on the other side of the zodiac, the Sun facing the Moon connected with Sedna a few hours before the full Moon. Sedna (the memory-keeper of all possibilities) is a newly discovered planet and with an 11000 year orbit currently the outermost planet of our solar system. This expands our vision of Self beyond anything accessible until now. So we literally blast open !

Venus, who just entered her ruling sign in Taurus, got electrified by its encounter with Uranus (the great male awakener). The pain, discomfort, exhaustion, loss of meaning of the past few days was due the massive light downloads and code activations received then in preparation for the full Moon super opening. Our integration parameters are momentarily de-calibrated, so we have a choice : either to embrace the full picture and upgrade or to stick to the known and get stuck

meanwhile Haumea (another new planet and the guardian of cycles of birth and rebirth) and Eris (the female awakener) keep holding the ascension bridge stretching between Libra and Aries that will remain open until the process is complete
when triggered by surges of discomfort, dissatisfaction and the like urging you to move faster than the pace of change, hold on a moment until you can feel that any part of your inner transformation and embodiment of Self is being supported and assisted


stay tuned, the current movements prepare another huge recalibration at the summer solstice