our choice determines our path of evolution


news year’s resolutions
on the 1st of January many of us have made resolutions for 2018. Some of us will struggle with them and won’t keep them and others will be proud of ourselves for having the will power to keep them 

new year’s resolutions are born from the previous year’s performance and/or our expectations for the year to come. Usually they consist in creating loops of
strategic thinking

  • goal and targets setting
  • planning
  • to do lists
  • assessments

and so on

our resolutions are likely to be about sorting out issues, improving ourselves, stepping forward towards the ever elusive mirage of a perfect everything, which in this context is an illusion leading to predictable and recurring disillusions

in reality our resolutions are projections into the world (inner and outer) of our ego’s appreciation of ourselves and even the most open-hearted intentions are based on conditionings
it is most serious !


investing in conditionings 
our mindset is primarily defined by imprints from our culture, education, family, surroundings, activities, etc. Many of those are unconscious conditionings we give value to by investing energy in them. The trouble is that they cover and mask our unique personal abilities, capacities and potential. They also determine our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical choices, preferences, habits, motivations,  etc.

  • what motivations underly our resolutions ? 

probably to be good, do better, succeed… support, heal, serve … enjoy health, happiness, balance … to name a few

  • what stereotypes dictate them?
  • what values and standards does our belief system set for these resolutions ? 
  • are they really ours ?

we are perfect as we are, but we are limited by all that prevents us from being ourselves
our belief system plays a central part in this, by restricting who we are and how we can change and evolve



on dissolving resolutions 
all resolutions we have ever made were based on a perceived lack or imperfection of Self. Almost fatally they made us play the duality game:  good and bad, less and more, you and me, etc. In the mirror of projected reality, nothing will ever be good enough, we experience this as yoyo movement

  • either we push ourselves and try harder, to ensure that we are strong and on top of things 
  • or we give up and blame ourselves for being incapable or lazy and feel low and discouraged

there is no solution to antagonism in duality, unfortunately, and we will never connect with our Self that way!

instead of trying hard and failing or faking it, with the unavoidable increase of self-doubt, self-unworthiness and/or self-cheating

  • how about deliberately dropping the resolutions made recently now ?

  • rather than sugarcoating our inner mess with good resolutions, why don’t we let them dissolve like sugar in water?


panoramic vision
what we could do instead, is gain enough altitude and depth to get a 360° panoramic view of where we are at here and now and

                                                                                         tune in





                                                                                 again and again

emerges from
the eternal stillness
of the innermost


this implies facing ourselves and our wounds and for each of them feeling the pain until it dissolves
this is a very scary thing to do, obviously, and usually what puts us off

yet it is a sure way we can value, honour and own who we are
it takes focus, awareness and being determined to transform what causes suffering, but it pays off !


resolutions vs revolution
only by challenging our belief system radically, do we have a chance to get out of the box

how ?

we genuinely and spontaneously embrace and believe in what resonates with who we truly are. It is an immediate, straightforward and obvious response that gives us joy, wellbeing and happiness
this is a sure gauge for questioning beliefs, so we know whether or not we agree with them and so we can set ourselves free by dropping those we can’t keep and honour

unconscious : certain beliefs we adopted mimetically, we are not very aware of them
outdated : we did invest in some beliefs at some point, but no longer do now
biased : we put up with other ones, although we never really engaged in them
abusive : some were imposed on us and we wouldn’t/couldn’t reject them openly

in any case we got trapped in them


resolution is evolution
our challenge is to have the courage to tackle our personal issues (self-worth, self-esteem, self-love…) and resolve them. They commonly take any form of self-abuse and affect any part of our being
facing ourselves takes time and requires commitment and dedication, but it is a really freeing experience

let 2018 be our moment of truth and the year during which false beliefs dissolve! We don’t need to play the resolution game anymore and invest in an outdated belief system which perpetuates self-sabotage (= Self denial)

we are perfect, our destiny is perfect, life is perfect and the world is perfect as they are. What needs perfecting instead is your inner connection with ourselves, so we can acknowledge our inner wounds, transform our life experience and keep evolving indefinitely. That’s how we can best impact on the world 


you have free will, it’s up to you !