an excerpt of a meditation in Lille, France, on 12 January 2020
a meditation circle the day Saturn, Pluto, among other celestial bodies, activate a massive global movement
a historical moment, at the the heart of the city and at the heart of things


22° Capricorn

two days ago, on the day of the lunar eclipse, Mercury was in exact conjunction with the Sun at 21°49’ Capricorn


today, 12 January, is an extraordinary day in astrological terms, with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and a series of little significant movements 

  • at 00:03 hour Mercury arrives on 22° Capricorn, where Ceres, Saturn and Pluto are sitting
  • at 15:59 hour the long awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto takes place at 22°46’. In the meantime, Mercury has already moved on to the next degree
  • at 19:24 hour the Sun arrives on degree 22° Capricorn. Altogether five planets visit this degree in one single day


the Sun, our eternal consciousness, Mercury, which has just begun a new cycle after meeting with the Sun, an intelligence enlightened by this transit, capable to see and comprehend the new reality. Saturn, the inner authority attesting full maturity, Pluto, the rebirth of the phoenix from its ashes, supported and assisted by Ceres, wise women, midwife and initiator

the encounter of Saturn and Pluto, an event of great personal and collective importance, which marks the change of paradigm. Since their last connection in 1982 our reality has become entirely different



the audio is in French, attune to the frequencies, even if your French is a bit rusty