the good thing about eclipses is that they reveal things to us
early on 6 January, at 1:28 am GMT, was the first new Moon of the year and the first solar eclipse
the transiting Moon momentarily hid a portion the Sun which then reappeared
it was partial solar eclipse and couldn’t be seen in our latitudes


a solar eclipse brings something to light we weren’t aware of before
what has changed since

the stillness and joy we could experience deep within since the solstice can now be felt all around.  A tangible evidence, which you will notice it the moment you stop investing in the usual drame around your core wound

a slight shift of focus and frequency and you feel one, whole and connected again (which you ARE, actually)

the trick is to reset your energy field via your body, mental processing won’t do it. And this will also help you let go of misconceptions of the mind which perpetuate the alienation and pain

a minor adjustment for a major opening

good will, intentions and resolutions are not enough
why don’t you rather choose to be  a little more aware and focused ?
or to put it differently
go for joy, you can even fake it !
it’s the best shortcut to feeling connected and supported


pay also attention to the next eclipse on 21 January (peak will be at 5:16am GMT)
it will be much more important for us and will complete the unzipping it of this year’s delivery
only with the next new Moon on 4 February (at 21:04 GMT) will we finally have clearer perception of what 2019 holds and how we can handle it