over the past weeks, sudden surges of implosive/explosive energy have caused parts of walls of our core defence to fall apart, leaving us knackered and our most vulnerable spot (core wound) exposed. Although extremely destructive and excruciatingly painful, these surges are necessary and positive. Their purpose is to dismantle and to disintegrate the patterns by which we sabotage ourselves


these are fear based mechanisms; instinctive reactions are inevitably fight, flight or freeze. Then our mind promptly steps in and tends to interfere, so we end up investing mentally in the fear, and reinforcing the core defence pattern. What is most needed however, is feeling the wounded part in us and acknowledging that it needs support and care (and give them to it)

fight : however shocking, the eruptions/blasts of the worst raging/raw/ruthless part of us mean we are hitting the right spot! The energy released when anger or frustration that have been trapped for a long while are unlocked is tremendous and it can be used creatively to set ourselves free in every possible way. Unless we re-invest it in projections on the scenario (not the cause, obviously) that triggered it to erupt and go for another round of the same

flight : running away and disconnecting from our body is not a good option in the long run, on the contrary. What we need, is bringing our focus back on our body and be fully with it. In order to experience what is going on without loosing our ground, we need to be anchored in our body and firmly rooted in matter and on Earth (btw: this is also how we can fully embody our light!)

freeze : when we suddenly enter in a frozen state, we are out of the picture and therefore disempowered. But we are also somehow beyond the catching area of the defence pattern, i.e safe (from it). When we come back to ourselves, if we don’t move back to well known territory (self-sabotage) too quickly, we have a chance to feel the pain (remember : feeling our core wound is the way we can heal it)


we know self-sabotage very well, actually. We have identified it a long time ago, we know its pattern and what can trigger it, although we couldn’t really access it so far. To complete the current phase of evolution, we now have to get rid of that pattern. As is often the case, the resolution of the problem lies within the forces at play

the problem with our mind taking over, covering and protecting our wound, is that it stops the movement by which we could get in touch with the wounded part and feel it. That’s how self-sabotage works. Our mind prevents feeling by taking us away from our body (body feels and mind thinks) and without feeling it, there is no way our wound can heal

our instinctive reactions to protect our wounded part are actually openings, and each to them offers a creative solution to dissolve the defence. On condition that our mind doesn’t invest in them (explaining, interpreting, rationalising, …), they give us an opportunity to feel the pain caused and the wound will heal


the cure is

                 love     love     love     love     love