9-11 February 2018, a 5D consciousness weekend in Reims, France

when I am in affinity with the Earth
I am connected, One, Whole
a sublime open and simple experience

empty fishbowl (viveka aviplavā = the mind is clear and heart still)
I see the world as it is (beyond all appearances)
without any projection or intention
I am, I feel, I know, I am part of the Whole, I interact and create with it

for a smart relationship with the Earth
find again and again the affinity state
intimacy with the Earth
unconditional support and protection, bottomless resources

life on Earth ?
a paradise of fullness and abundance
my living space
fullness of SELF in a human shape surrounded by the Earth

live a happy life
being happy = in sync with Self and the Earth, perfection of SELF

to optimise my potential for happiness
a living, always renewed balance
get out of the boxes, one by one
de-condition, detox body-heart-mind-consciousness