I am that I am
I am perfect as I am
every facet of my being
is an aspect of the Divine
highlighting an infinity of possibilities in the world

being fully who I am
pure light reflected infinitely
expresses my essential beauty
and supports and balances the evolving world 

what I am busy doing 
and the colour I give my action don’t matter so much
my doing is actually being who I am

when I am fully present to what is going on
within and around me
when I am in resonance with Self
when I honour who I am

my human perfection manifests the Divine in all things
and this changes the world

by looking after myself, I look after the world 
when I welcome and accept all parts and dimensions of myself
including those whose perfection isn’t obvious to me (yet)

all is perfect
the Universe is a coherent and harmonious Whole
a hologram in constant mutation
telling eternally the infinite perfection of One

its frequency is Love
and by loving myself unconditionally
I raise your vibration and attune to it