a astrological update on celestial mechanics (our solar system = a greater version of ourselves) in the background of the global transformation


following the series of eclipses around the summer solstice (lunar eclipse on 5 June, solar on 21 June and lunar again on 5 July) an increasing number of planets went retrograde during the summer

retrograde : go back a bit, an invitation to revisit what we went through, to reconsider it from different view points (reverse direction, introspection, another time space …), to become aware of other aspects/levels/dimensions and to transform-digest-assimilate-desintegrate-eliminate what needs to be


as we went through the Lion gate (8:8 on 8 August) eight planets were retrograde and on 9:9 (the Virgo gate which announced the autumn equinox) no less than ten planets had entered into this movement

  • Jupiter, Saturn, the social body and the structures of our society in complete mutation
  • Uranus, Eris, the awakeners who shake all those who are asleep and sweep away what is not/no longer true
  • Neptune, the great illusion/disillusion, veils and unveils our reality
  • Pluto, the alchemist in charge of the collective transmutation
  • Ceres, Chiron, who support the rebirthing process and return to oneness
  • Pallas, sovereign consciousness of Self
  • Sedna, the reminiscence of the origin and all hat has bee/is/will ben and of infinite possibilities

all these planets are energies supporting/mirroring  the collective ascension process, many of then are invisible though and their impact although powerful is subtle
meanwhile other high frequency planets maintain the stability and unity of the whole

that’s why this summer’s transformations have been mostly unconscious and beneath the surface of current events


  • Mars goes retrograde on 10 September and he will stay so until the third encounter between Jupiter and Pluto on 12 November

this puts our bodies to the test again (and again) for two months. This will complete the final integration (after eight years of successive transformations and moulting since the 2012 winter solstice) and fully activate our new operational system


most of theses planets will go back to their usual course during the autumn

  • Jupiter goes direct first on 13 September, he was retrograde since 14 May
  • Saturn follows him on 29 September, he was retrograde since 11 May (the day lockdown was alleviated in France)
  • Pluto follows along on 5  October, he was retrograde since 26 April

the grip doesn’t loosen and constraints and restrictions do not give, of course, but we get a clearer sense that things are moving on inexorably, relief and expectation


short interlude

  • Mercury will be retrograde from 14 October until 4 November, three weeks for mental integration after a final mental update before Jupiter and Pluto come together

such mind updates and reset happen frequently, they happen several times every year, they follow a gradual progression specific to evryone of us


the full monty

  • final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto on 12 November (previous ones were on 5 April and 30 June)
    (see the blog posts curtain-raiser and in labour in relation to the previous meetings and attend game changer !, the meditation on 14 December for an overview on the topic)

  • Mars goes direct on 14 November, i.e shortly after this crucial encounter
  • Neptune, retrograde since 23 June, just after the solar eclipse on midsummer day, turns direct on 29 November, the day before the lunar eclipse which open the last series of the year
  • a lunar eclipse will take place on 30 November and a major solar eclipse on 14 December, a week before the winter solstice

expect this phase to be a roller coaster !


final touch

  • Chiron turns direct on 16 December
  • Jupiter and Saturn enter jointly into Aquarius on winter solstice day, on 21 December, an event of unprecedented scope

perfect orchestration, actually !


this overview suggests an outline for what is going on individually and collectively in the coming months, everything is coming together for the grand finale


how can you be ?
anchored in yourself in resonance with the Source
very conscious of your limitless resources
in the highest frequency
fully confident in divine planning