as the Sun stands still (as we see it from the Earth) a multi-dimensional space opens for a few days. The longest days of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) is an opportunity to gain some clarity from putting things in perspective (we can see ourselves in our environment)

it is also a major energy shift, which had been preparing since the winter solstice and will ripple for a few months. Remember that the eclipse season we entered last week will keep us busy all summer


get the bigger picture

you can embrace as many directions and dimensions as you want, but unless you opt in consciously, more of the old will show up by default, due to personal and collective programming


aspects of the personal/human/global recalibration

releasing of old paradigm patterns and conditionings, purging of body-heart-mind-consciousness, which can be painful, distressing …. and exhausting, do give yourself enough rest and sleep

what is happening in your life at the moment is but a tiny part of what you are busy with. However, you don’t  have to figure out and you can’t control anything at all

time (linear) collapsed (unless you want to stick to it), we experience multiple time-spaces and paces simultaneously instead. We don’t have much understanding of that either, which I can be a real challenge for the mind. Yet there is no point investigating much, you better listen to higher Self for guidance in day to day life and welcome glimpses of other dimensions as they occur. They are sparks, treasures, but not necessary clues, as many of them won’t make any sense at this point, unless we invest in them and read them from our (very limited) mental view point

transmuting of own, collective, Earth wounds. Distorsion, corruption, pollution, contamination… result from the split at the origin of duality . We all have captured our unique version of it and hold it in our DNA

the current process is shaping RE-union. This can trigger resistance (obvious or subtle) because  against all odds we are attached to separation. We are essentially desperate for unity and oneness (of which we hold a part of it in our unique own way), but separation is what we know best, it’s been our lot for as long as we can remember, so we tend to (un)consciously cling to it and may get stuck precisely when we realise that the possibility of unity (instead of being a dream or an illusion) can become a reality

holding a vision or having expectations from the new “anything” is another issue. We can’t help projecting it on the emerging reality, just to realise that either things are not happening as we intended/expected or that they limit our perception of what is happening in reality


what to do ?

rest and rest and rest, this can’t be stressed enough

allow allow allow and listen, feel, stay with whatever comes up

whenever is possible focus on what is going on on the surface of things, where they interconnect with one another, and on the actual encounter between people, where they meet and touch each other