being supersensitive is only a curse if we insist in living in 3D !

in low frequency, the excruciating pain endured by supersensitive people results in dysfunctional behaviour, desensitisation, dissociation and the like  
(= separation)
being supersensitive can be literally hell, actually 


we must realise that global programming is at the root of it

as long as we are kept trapped in separation, we feel emotionally distressed and isolated, which automatically feeds our mental investment in duality and perpetuates the loop
because we are disconnected from Self, our mind is confused, our heart is distressed, our body is in pain, etc.


but what is hyper in 3D is basic in 5D

in higher frequency sensitivity is simply the interface between fractals of the whole
sensitivity is essential to all beings, their holographic field constantly interacts with multiple dimensions of the multiverses
we can then consider sensitivity

  • tuning fork fine-tuning to the slightest changes anywhere in our close or distant environment
  • a smart antenna receiving-sending information and sharing experiences with the cosmos


you can see through the veil and live in another reality !

when centred and aligned, lifting yourself to a higher frequency is child’s play
the curiosity and wonder of a child
playing with what tis there




a glimpse of happy being hypersensitive, a 5D weekend held in London on 14-14 September 2019

our equipment to live on Earth (consciousness-mind-heart-body) is an extraordinary and highly responsive instrument designed to interplay with reality and contribute to creating it moment by momen
yet such a refined system makes us extremely receptive and therefore vulnerable. When triggered, we tend to close and shrink, disconnecting ourselves from reality and thereby falling back into duality and separation
learn to surf reality moment by moment and enjoy being supersensitive, an asset rather than a weaknes
take a joyful leap into a unified experience of our reality