being in lockdown opens spaces for us to explore, we didn’t know existed only two months ago

you could make a good use of one of those spaces and learn telepathy
it’s a useful skill for you to develop for various reasons


among other benefits, telepathy can offer you

  • a secure seamless stable connection with all beings even when technology breaks down
  • direct non intrusive access to your dear ones, before you connect or instead of texting/ chatting/ videoing with them
  • a possibility to tell somebody something you are not able/prefer not to express orally
  • continuous interplay and common creation with those who have passed away
  • clear communication with the other kingdoms of nature and realms of life
  • a nurturing relationship with Mother Earth
  • a chance to reach the deepest recesses of your unconscious
  • a solid relationship with your inner guides, wise beings on higher planes, extraterrestrials
  • the infinite compassion they have for all that you have achieved until now
  • step by step guidance for what comes next
  • a sense of what is going on behind the scene
  • infinite gratitude for all that is and the unshakable confidence that all is well
  • trusting that it is ok to live with an open heart


you can practice both sending and receiving telepathic messages
you want something easy to start with ?

tomorrow is my birthday
you can send me your good wishes, text, card … telepathically
I will spend the day celebrating and sending love back to you all