why beauty ?

disorder, corruption, violence are dissonant forms of beauty, which is the essential perfection and the norm of all that is

the further away from its essence a shape moves, the more altered, distorted, dissonant and painful it becomes. The loss of meaning results in distress and suffering. At its worse, the form becomes inert and toneless


similarly, whatever restores the essence of a shape, makes it more fluid and harmonious, responsive and complicit in the beauty of the world. As long as this shape remains consonant, its beauty is perfect, although constantly changing and evolving in interaction with the environment, which fashions and reflects it and vice versa


an injunction to make beauty a practical, intimate, relational, down to earth and daily practice
a highly demanding exercise, which brings to light the purest essence end integrity of our being

rather than the mostly conventional perfection of form, make space for the multiple, ephemera and ever-changing perfection of being

what we perceive of the world reflects our inner world
shapes and forms are harmonious when mind and heart are still and free, they are dissonant when we project our state of being into the world


there are obvious beauties …
the grass blades  beaded with dew drops under my bare feet
the instant when we meet with somebody
reaching the depth of the sky

demanding beauties …
painful noise wrapped in stillness, which is everywhere

the unbearable tension just before the resistance drops
the limitless fertility of chaos

there are unexpected beauties as well …
the rusty imprint on a metal plate
the tears of regret


how about our own beauty ?

it is primarily our frequency
an expression of our specific, unique essence, so precious for the world
our inner beauty arises, disseminates, radiates   everywhere

it is vibratory
it resonates, plays and exults with all that it is in tune with
on the same wave length

all that is being done, what should be, what is conventional is plated and doesn’t vibrate
no vibration, means no resonance, it is flat, lifeless !
this applies to anything and everything, without exception
our actions, our words, our thoughts, our dreams, out reality at large

programmation and/or loss of meaning, we are then besides ourselves and unplugged from your essence, disconnected

this is serious, but what is worse is that it darkens and weakens the world as well
the world is in a bad place
because we don’t assume the perfection present in every particle of  the matter that makes our earthly equipment

that’s why there is no other option than living our beauty fully
without question and without delay !



a glimpse of a beautiful world, a retreat held 30 May- 2 June 2019 in Lachenal, France
beauty is what makes your heart open and vibrate
the beauty you see around you reflects the beauty within you, your shining essence
what we want to see around us, we realise it within us and the rest ensues … spontaneously