water comes from the cosmos

water is omnipresent in our solar system, including on reputably inhospitable planets, as it is in the desert from where I write this post, an ancient ocean
the water which covers a good part of the surface of our blue planet comes from far away
it is mystery, memory and ascension tool


sacred water

source of life, player in the green alchemy of photosynthesis, inexhaustible resource (water abounds on our planet, only our ignorance of its nature causes scarcity)
water is sacred : essentially, metaphysically, as an element of nature, as a support of experience during life on earth, as access key to our evolutionary journey


LIVING water, joyful
running, jumping, meandering, swirling, dancing, settling, sleeping, surging, regenerating all the time
when free, it keeps creating vortexes, form waves
when in touch with other elements whirling and turbulences arise,
water comes in an infinity of shapes and forms


water changes state easily, it simply moves from one shape to another

water is unaffected by extreme movements (tsunami, avalanche), molecules experience no  discontinuity and the intensity of movement has no incidence on their cohesion 

any drop of water eternally keeps the memory of who it is, i.e. a unique expression of the perfection of life

what is goes through and what it carries can alter or enhance water, yet its essential perfection remains untouched. When water is raised to its highest frequency, its pristine purity is restored instantaneously


water holds the metaphysics of cycles and processes in life, it is its way of manifesting the unity of life



our body is made of 70% of water, each molecule of which keep our unique signature, i.e the frequency we hold in this incarnation


polluted water

the cause of pollution of waters is internal
whether we are conscious of it or not, our inner waters are altered, distorted, de-structured. They carry our negativity, control, judgment, they are coloured by our unresolved emotions, they are trapped in limiting and obsolete belief systems, incapable of honouring LIFE


awareness got lost, due to ignorance, negligence or inattention, a deliberately programmed loss of consciousness


as a result the oceans, lakes, ponds, springs, underground waters …
water that got treated, canalised, bottled, stored, devitalised …
reflect our state of mind and mental patterns, show how shockingly distant and disconnected we are from ourselves, our environment and life in general

drinking water ? water in Paris, London or Tokyo 

cleansing our inner and outer waters is an urgent matter, waters must be raised to their highest frequency, where the perfection of their essence is revealed. By reconnecting with the uniqueness of our eternal essence, the purity of the waters of the planet will be restored as well

inner work means
transmuting the (mental and emotional) shapes that veil, alter, restrict our inner and outer reality
dissolving subtle forms of attachment to the conditionings that feed them
removing blocks and … which prevent further evolution

acknowledging our essence results in unconditional respect for all aspects of life
external work implies therefore coherent and responsible implementing in daily life
serious activism for causes that speak to us in a free-spirited global vision 

moving from the unspoiled nature of my Ardechan hamlet to Paris has been fluid for me. But swapping the taste of spring water for the water running out of parisien taps, that was simply impossible !
my solution was to have a highly effective filtering system fitted in and reactivating every drop of cooking, table, bath and watering water for my small urban garden
it was a way for me to sacralise my inner waters and a real support for my daily inner work 





a glimpse of
sacred living 1 / 4, yearly module, 5-7 April 2019 in Thônes, Annecy, France
make your life sacred, nothing less ! a flawless authenticity, a very high and stable frequency, a spotless grasping of reality, transparency, openness, not the slightest attachment


Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water