a glimpse of the webinar être dans la lumière (be in the light) held in French on 9-10 May 2020


when a quality of ours remains partly unaccomplished, we tend to project into the world what would need to blossom within us

an endeavour, a creation, a mission, born from a deep and authentic urge, attempts to transcend a wounded part of ourselves by working towards something beautiful and noble, which masks and protects the wound, actually

we need to turn around and come back to ourselves to acknowledge and welcome that delicate and fragile part of the wound and to support it until its full maturity (a change of plane)


here are some examples of individual quantum leaps   (with a change of dimension)

justice                        peace

saving the world       harmony

conquest                   fullness 

empathy                    communion

rigour                         abundance

ambition                    coherence

humility                     empowerment

freedom                    unity


whilst we are evolving in an unstable and unpredictable environment, we can make a creative use of what is stable and use the limitations, rules and constraints as jumping boards to help take the leap and propel ourselves into another dimension


NB : our inner freedom is inviolable !