in memory of Notre Dame of Paris
15 April 2019


the movement of fire is ascending
it consumes what it touches
and lifts it to the next state of being



fire operates transmutation, the alchemical process
that marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of another one

death and rebirth (on another plane)


what was there is no longer and won’t be there again
no replica can bring back the past, the treasure in within



the old is gone, the new is appearing
the urge to restore form, beauty, to preserve history, to honour tradition, spirituality masks (eludes ?) the power of a global initiation


the forest of the nave is gone
but the crown of thorns is rescued (symbol of the passion of Christ)

irony ? attachment to suffering ?



the return of Light, resurrection (Easter) in the opencast cross of Notre Dame

a vision and a choice (personal and collective)


  • embrace the new, transmute the old, navigate new realities and acknowledge who you are and what life on Earth is about
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