your radiant Self, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, on 11-12 May 2019
to be truly yourself, you must remove all that is not you, remove the veils, so you can see reality as it is



what is a rainbow ?

the magical interplay of water and sunlight with air
a spectrum of light thrown across the sky

  • light is reflected on droplets of water suspended in the air
    consciousness gets in touch with matter

  • light rays are refracted, they change direction
    inviting re-direction, re-orientation

  • lights particles are dispersed and displaying a spectrum of colours
    creating a wonderful luminous space


as the structures of life (personal, societal and global) are crumbling
the life fabric is brittle and overstretched to tearing point

yet many light beings hold the space for the global shift to take place
they were born before it all started, they are anchored in the old world
they are mature strong courageous generous visionary beings
they will be there until the shift is complete, as they are anchored in the new world as well

together they form a bridge of light, a rainbow bridge, stretching across dimensions
to allow the safe transition of all beings (whether they do it consciously or not)

so this (in)visible subtle network of beings bridges the gap between old and new
they holds the space because they own the vision
they are super conscious multitalented versatile and highly resilient
they have been doing the splits for a long while and will keep in position until it is all done
they hold the light in the dark

they are beautiful feminine (doesn’t mean women), enveloping, caring, nurturing beings
supporting the shift, healing the wounds (their own first, obviously)


in astrology, centaur Chiron (a comet) is sometimes called the rainbow bridge
he supports and facilitates the inner healing by inviting all that belongs together and has always been ONE to defragment, reconnect and reunite

each phase of the shift brings up other stuff for transmutation and clearing, i.e. more and more subtle facets or layers of the wound that haven’t been seen and addressed all yet

healing the wound is crucial at this point and the rainbow bridge is where it happens
it is a band of frequencies (showing as the spectrum of colours), a state of being and a place
it provides the space and holds the frequencies it takes to disentangle the mesh, so that we can stabilise on safe ground (5D = unity consciousness) and live in the place of ONE (once called paradise)

no matter how elaborate the architecture and stunning the sight, we generally spend limited time on a bridge, it is a passageway. This light bridge is no exception, we will cross over and continue our journey


however, as we step into the new, let’s pay our respects to all the wise old souls who have volunteered to holding the space throughout the shift