post solstice impressions


the still point of the Sun and shortest day of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) is also the birthday of our Earth, therefore the beginning of a new cycle or breath

what we call a year corresponds to one breath of our home planet
the Earth’s in-breath (and consequently of all that lives on the planet) begins on 21 December each year on the winter solstice day and goes ’til the summer solstice on 21 June, after which the out-breath begins, which lasts until the next winter solstice etc.


we can acknowledge the potential the still point of the winter solstice holds by analogy with our own breath
whilst we breathe in and out all our life (mostly in automatic mode), we occasionally experience an extraordinary expansiveness in some in-breaths, when we breathe consciously and give full attention to the cycle of our breath

the still point and void on empty lungs invite limitless expansion in multiple dimensions simultaneously, which then unfold gradually during what seems a never ending in-breath
key to this experience is a firm grounding in the deepest of stillness within, from where everything is eternally surging and manifesting
this is what we can experience around the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere

by turning inwards and reaching the core of ourselves, we can tap into the Source within and get moment by moment guidance to navigate our life and the world creatively
trusting and surrendering within is the most fulfilling experience

similarly the still point and fullness of the lungs gives us the boundless abundance and resources available for experience in the ever evolving fabric of our interactions with others and the world

feeling and acknowledging unconditional support in every aspect of our life on Earth and surrendering completely to it is another most fulfilling experience, to be had in the Southern hemisphere at this time of the year 


winter solstice is the reset point, where we realign with our galactic Source and upgrade to the next evolutionary phase for the year to come

whether we experience the void or fullness (just different phases in a cycle), we hit Source and a spark of light rekindles our inner fire (aka connection with Self)


this last winter solstice portal on 21 December 2017 presented us with a rare bunch of energies, as the Sun, Saturn and Quaoar had gathered right there
their joint impulse induced a new phase in the process of ascension and rebirth of ONE = LOVE : they allowed us to intuit how we can create a new world NOW
with the Sun returning and the days getting longer, the return of LIGHT will become manifest and obvious (despite all appearance on the surface of things) and seeds will begin to pop open


early on 2 January (at 2:24 GMT) is the first and most powerful super full Moon in 2018 (full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are facing each other). The Moon’s purpose is to reflect the newly received download of LIGHT codes. The interplay of Sun and Moon is hyper-sensitised by the enlightening presence of Neptune in harmonic resonance. This staging supports the remembering and full activation of our divine cosmic Self in a human shape


Sun = our consciousness and eternal Self
Moon = our embodied Self in this lifetime
super full Moon = when it is closest to the Earth (on its elliptical orbit)
Saturn = collective consciousness
Neptune = universal oneness and enlightenment
Quaoar = perfectly balanced mind-heart, intuition



happy new year 2018 !