healing the wound, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, 9-10 March 2019

any wound tells us about separation from Self and Source
parts of us are disconnected from one another

we are dissociated from reality
we have lost touch with our Self
we are longing for Source …
healing our core wounds, reuniting what is divided, restoring what is damaged or corrupted is essential and the time is now !



extreme polarisation means extreme tensions

this exacerbates any unresolved issues, personal as well as collective
the slightest trigger will bring them up to the surface
which causes a lot of pain, so they are usually repressed
the result being increased rigidity and vulnerability

we also tend to put the blame on somebody or something else
which projects layers of reflections on one-another and adds to the confusion

this goes on and on until we are really stuck, fed up or both
meanwhile the wound remains untouched and well protected 

when we reach the breaking point, turning a blind eye to reality is no longer an option
we are forced to face it, which is a devastating experience
but the wound won’t heal otherwise

and when we are finally confronted with the open wound
what will really heal it becomes obvious 


sitting in the space in between the lips of the wound


in the middle of the wound there is a place of peace and stillness
(like in the eye of the storm)
if we settle there and listen, we will be able to feel the pulse of the wound
if our breath follows this rhythm, by breathing slowly from the stillness of the hub outwards,
we can gradually bring light (unity) to the surrounding darkness (duality) and start healing the pain

and by breathing more and more deeply we can turn the dot of light to a space, vast enough to embrace both lips of the wound, a inclusive space where they can come back together in unity


this means going up a notch and including duality in unity, a shift of consciousness


resolution of conflicts can only happen on another level (higher)