it begins with the Moon eclipsing the Sun 
at the very end of the limitless space of Pisces
then she bows out and enters Aries
where the Sun follows her
when he steps into Aries is the beginning of spring
call it a day !

this stunning performance of both parts of your consciousness
tells in a nutshell about the end of an era and a new beginning
and brings to light the argument of the scene

when the Moon eclipses the Sun
your real nature, dimension and radiance become visible
precisely these aspects of yourself you tend to ignore 
or aren’t aware of 

the eclipse on the first day of spring
shows an immaculate limitless potential
for you to tap into

when all gets dark and a bit weird
plunge into your Self
and expect the unexpected
you will be taken where you belong
and shown what the next act is about

change is in the air