equinox meditation at the Louvre pyramid, Paris, France
23 September 2019
a few hours after the balance point of day and night, (actual time was 8:51am GMST)
get to know better who we are, what we are here for, learn to live together


the place


set the scene (audio is in French)



step back to see further, better, vague and panoramic gaze
take distance from the scenario of global polarisation, violences and the resulting chaos
feel where life is, what is alive between everything and everything


a powerful, intense, subtle transmission

autumn equinox :
deep within, still, pacified, everything equals everything
harmonisation and reunion, back to primordial unity, the one nostalgia has been calling for ever since the first split
being aware and present to the subtle, the energy body is now as tangible as the physical body
touching it, discovering it
a stretchable body, potentially as vast as the universe
beyond the visible, the invisible, now perceptible, multiple, unique
fluid moving ever evolving geometric shapes



a different fleeting, but recurring connection with the environment, with the world
feeling lightness, fluidity and joy
movements are different
easy, barely noticeable, yet so impactful and powerful
living in high frequency even when the environment vibrates on a lower level
navigating the surrounding density without getting stuck in it
collect and cherish those moments



being unified in the now, deeply connected to yourself
the body vibrating and resonating, consonant energy field
ripples into the environment, by resonance
humanity gets pacified, all planes and dimensions harmonised

new beginning


the transmission was mostly energetic
you received it even if you couldn’t feel or understand anything
it will take a while for your body to integrate it