in preparation for the videoconference on 24 February 2021 : a softer way


from the viewpoint of the foraging bee  🐝

the blossom is the promise of a simple and unavoidable enjoyment
hence the irresistible instinctive calling to its corolla, the deliberate plunging towards its pollen-laden stamens and this gluttonous way the bee has to wallow there until it is overloaded and finally leaves the flower pollen dusted to deliver its precious goods to the hive

foraging is an evidence and a necessity, as it is for us to live the experience of our life



from the viewpoint of the mindΒ  πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜³

the beauty of the blossom, its nature, its purpose are subjects of a never ending wondering, investment and questioning
hence some great artistic emotions, scientific discoveries, understandings about the fragile balance of our world, and so on … always with this part of blur that takes us close to the unspeakable which would put an end to any investigation instantly and that veil which prevent us from reaching it

a quest for meaning, wandering ? our mind has a phenomenal capacity to penetrate reality and an irresistible tendency to get hold of the experience
in our life experience, knowledge and understanding, which keep us so busy and we are so attached to, are ultimately rather modest and of little significance



from the viewpoint of the heartΒ  πŸ’—

every ephemeral dewdrop opens infinite spaces, makes universes vibrate and resonate with one another, connects all the dots, reveals the essence of all things and deletes suffering and the torment of delusion

for us, conscious human beings, the magic lies in our capacity to reach unity through the most simple things, whilst we are invested in the industrious reality of action and the maze of our mental forms



in a context in which tumult is a daily share of our heart, there are those rare brief moments when we suddenly perceive several planes of our reality simultaneously without being mistaken or mixing things up

you can practice this by contemplating the picture of this almond blossom