how many times in a day do you catch yourself wandering in your mind?

every time you go to the kitchen or somewhere else and once you’ve crossed the threshold, you have no idea what you came there for…
and when you blame it on distraction, fatigue or worse, age


what goes on in your head when you are busy with a mechanical task (driving your car, answering texts), a routine task (emptying the dishwasher, brushing your teeth) or a monotonous task (knitting, mowing the lawn)
even better: when you pretend to make it a practice of attention and mindfulness


what creeps up on you on nights when sleep eludes you, anxiety grips you by the throat and squeezes your heart, thoughts in loops and volutes of all kinds including the conviction that waking up and the day that follows will be difficult
the bonus: the ambivalent desire to stop this game and fall asleep right away and solve the problems at hand


the inner radio that broadcasts 24/7 thoughts about everything and nothing (especially nothing), fed by the day’s incidents, news, information, rumours, chatter (the loudest are with yourself) …
the best part: this mental matter is essentially copy-pasted, thoughts are received and reproduced, without elaboration


when you anticipate the worst case scenario with all its details and consequences up to the fifth generation
and of course it can happen, even if it is unlikely


when what you affirm (everything is fine, the family is fine, you do what you like, …) has trouble covering another underlying discourse, perhaps a little less glorious
and you try to believe it!


the well-made head, which has been trained and formed, so that it is able to create and elaborate intelligent thoughts in your favourite fields
envied by those who have not received this formatting, it’s not really enviable, really


when you nourish the intention or call the vibration to manifest peace, love, abundance etc. and the affirmations and formulas to achieve this end
the problem is that the seeded ground cannot sustain the frequency


when you confuse (really?) apathy, sleepiness or depression with inner emptiness


well I’ll stop here, the list is already long

all this to say that 

this mental hubbub (coherent, organised, intelligent or not) is in reality a scramble, hence the wandering
the incessant activity in your head, however brilliant and joyful, prevents you from accessing the only resource that matters to you, your Self


your head is a big transparent bowl
a container that can be filled or remain empty
it can receive information that makes sense
if nothing hinders its resonance

when it is empty, then!


your head is not made to think

it is programmed to keep you in illusion and suffering, that’s a fact. you can’t do anything about it, we can’t do anything about it, we are all made like rats, no one escapes it

neither weakness nor personal deviance, it is a collective distortion that has been impacting the psyche of humanity for a very long time


today we realise this (thanks to a change in frequency)
so de-conditioning everything that is not you and freeing yourself from the inner demon becomes possible

it is up to you to choose!