the big transformation of the world is made of small personal changes


the risk of being caught in conditionings and addictions is real, once life goes back to some ‘normality’ (as is the case in France in a few days)

although being locked down is challenging, there are also very positive aspect to it
personally, I really liked a number of things in lockdown and I would like to keep and treasure them as is possible


– the stillness, the space of interiority, going deep into myself and self-enquiry


– slowing down and resting, fewer movements, fewer things, doing less, being more


– taking care of myself, to give myself what I need (all that I need, very high and very deep)


– living differently (culture, going our, all goods), less promiscuity, the sensory relief it gives


– having a lot of time/space for myself, being in my own company, totally unavailable for others


– having no rhythm (schedules, meetings, travels), doing what I want when I want


– listening (with all senses) to what is going on visibly and being the scene


– work with what we’ve got, the inventiveness, resourcefulness and creativity it generates



how about you ? what do you like in lockdown, that you would like to be part of your life ?

take a look and acknowledge what is different and important for you, so you can value it (and share it with others)
it is not so much what you do/experience, but rather the effect it has on you and what it gives you

everybody can keep one or two gems. Even small, they are as many parts of the harmony of the world recovered, which makes a real difference



PS :  many drops make a river