… you can do the leg splits!


you survived a full immersion in the language of astrology
the astro blog holds frequencies, energies and a language you are probably not familiar with
it is only a foreign language, similar to thousands of living languages you speak little or not at all

nb: you can familiarise yourself with a foreign language by having an immersive sound experience
being completely relaxed and without any expectation, allow yourself be shaped by the way you are being touched
unless you tense up, sound vibration propagates from ambient air into the fluid medium of your body and  involves you in the sound environment you are resonating with
gradually the vibration starts making sense and words reveal a level of meaning after the other
assimilation is contextual and happens according to sensory and emotional readiness


the launch of the astro blog also gave you an opportunity to see the stage and the back-stage area at once
this is a considerable (perhaps hardly bearable) widening of the context of your life and what you are busy doing
once put in perspective, the focal point of the stage – yourself and what you are going through; has become tiny and relative in this expanded vision, obviously


in fact
you are as vast as you want to be, infinitely so if you wish
you are immensely rich in possibilities, you can grasp as many of them as you want
you can always change any parameter freely, at least if you trust that it is possible

when you are centred and aligned with Self, you create the reality you want for yourself and the world
otherwise you go on another loop following the conditionings and beliefs which limit you


we aren’t always centred and aligned
unwell being, unease, disease, suffering … are always signs of this

when you connect the small and the big, the local and the vast, the relative and the absolute
you can locate yourself any moment, see reality as it is and distinguish between restrictive and freeing choices


cosmic astrology describes the forms of expression the resonance of ONE takes in the world