to see the world right side up !



spending time in nature lifts me up and grounds me

a focus


commonplace ?

of course, it’s hard to forget that we live in a plated, distorted, inverted, corrupted, absurd pseudo-reality…
and when it comes to putting myself back into my true reality, the renewed miracle of weaving a multidimensional lace with an earthly life, I let myself be oriented and guided by nature

even if brutal and violent, nature remains coherent, calm
implacable, it forces me to modify my point of view
to consider the sinuous paths that provoke, divert, unravel and bring about a new balance
the next version of me

as a girl of the woods, in the emotion of the sensitive I play at linking the invisible with the visible           and I never tire of it


I love (among other things)

trees, woods, meadows, mountains …  rivers, waterfalls, lakes, the sea …
the breath of the elements and their secret pulsation
the dark night, oh yes!        the sky splashed with stars, dawn and dusk

there I find clarity and inspiration, refuge too


outside, what I know is always true

the words flow spontaneously








it is also outside that I take my friends and those I support,
as a duo or in a group, we go to the green


we see things as they are

as a group

once lightened and exposed, nature manages to make us feel/express/invent what is right and true
without hesitation