an immaculate miracle
mouth open
breath suspended
ephemeral spell
the ineffable
the divine feminine


look at this image carefully

it tells you about the new Moon
which is taking place tonight               (on 17 January at 2:17 heures GMT)


at the bottom of winter                        (Sun is in Capricorn)
the tree of life supports                       (Capricorn, spiritual anchoring on Earth)
the branching twig                               (Capricorn, spiritual power)

sprouting power 
of the buds                                          (7 planets in Capricorn today)
consciousness awakening                  (Sun-Moon joining, a new cycle preparing the full Moon eclipse on 31 January)
initial surge of sap                               (Mercury-Lilith, a new clarity arising from the bottom)
heart open innocent                            (Venus-Sun, love is the only law)
evidence                                              (Saturn-Quaoar, intuition of manifest forms)
resurrection                                         (Pluto, the phenix)
cosmic expansion                                (Ceres-dharma, birth and expansion of consciousness)


dive into your heart
until you reach the bottom
and allow

what rises

to guide you