two major workshops, the pillars of the year 2020
your cristalline being (August) : the common matrix which took us to the Lion gate (8:8)
and its counterpart networking : the autumnal activation phase just before the 11:11


some highlights from the summer

  • welcome the experience, allow the transformation


  • we are being held, supported, enveloped


  • if there is no resistance, there is no friction, no pain and no suffering


  • enjoy sensory experiences (occasional, specific)


  • centring in the body, multidirectional alignment
    connection with our divine Self, I AM
    no compromise, no deviance … no harm caused to ourselves (and consequently to others)


  • refine subtle feeling
    feed on the most precious, always
    fertilise our soil
    hold the frequency


  • exceptional resources are available for exceptional times


  • play with the controls : change scene, plane, slow motion …


  • balancing on the tip of a cone
    resting in a reclining cone
    similar focus : great relaxation, stillness, complete surrender


  • unison = resources, abundance, unity (our signature) is amplified


  • harmony always prevails (ultimately)


  • the experience of unity permeates and transforms what is not unified


  • what touches us, among all the vibrations of the world, re-establishes the relationship with the intangible in us (= the ineffable presence), whether it is politically correct or not, pleasant or not, acceptable or not for our ego 



a glimpse of your cristalline being, a retreat in Lachenal, Savoie, France, 2-8 August 2020
in the great void of the most unlikely summer of our life, 2020

the only certainty = uncertainty
the only emergency = to continue and complete the ongoing transformation
the insistant calling to birth/experience an entirely different reality