you are essentially free

freedom is your starry radiance and your greatest joy, freedom is your true nature and the signature of your origin

go deep into your heart and connect with Source, so you can sense all movements
arising there spontaneously and rippling
in myriads of emotions reflecting the light that you are 

in accordance with Source, you can stretch yourself indefinitely 
your limitless being is infinitely versatile in creating and assuming any shape and form
in manifesting and de-manifesting worlds
in expressing itself across dimensions in playful resonance with Divine Order

anchored in your heart and in unison with Source, you play
an active part in lîlâ, the Divine play,
you can’t be out of the game and nothing is beyond reach

vibrating the frequency of love and unity, you enjoy sovereign freedom and delight in gratitude
you bring your unique spark to the Cosmic Danse and you know
your presence makes it all happen

such is your freedom