2022 : an exceptional summer !


a sign? a few words from the transmission of truth in action (French version) during the new Moon in Leo on 28 July

everything that is now emerging in us, from deep within us, has nothing to do, nothing at all to do with anything we have been or thought we were until now, let’s take the measure of it …




the super-intensives (individual meetings over several days) were extraordinary moments
they appear like a collection of gems of different colours strung together on the thread of August, then during the autumn

each time, the full presence of a person and a dynamic emerging from our being together were inserted in a precise and singular way in the complete metamorphosis of my own life that was taking place in parallel
the lives and journeys were intertwined

more broadly speaking, each of the people who passed through Tresques during the summer brought a gem, infinitely precious, to the mutation that I was experiencing
thank you Antoinette, Romain, Antoine, Lucie, Paul, Maxime, Sophie, Séverine, Isa, Sylvette, Thérèse, Andrée, Manue, Anne. …

the movements were first made in the background… not very visible, but very stirring
nothing held in place below the surface






then suddenly a new world emerged, vibrant with colours and the vivacity of the emotions felt

in the mad blaze of the midday hours, the refuge of the wash-house





the banks of the Cèze, enchanting, whose waters preserve the memory of the slightest shivering experienced
















for the first time in my life, a witness – sensitive, attentive and infinitely discreet – has taken an outside look at the intimate alchemy that takes place during one-on-one meetings
the images speak for themselves

thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Bruno!


photos © Bruno Cousin