a glimpse of the webinar held on 5-7 June 2020
you are perfect as you are, obviously !
despite the complicated and ambiguous relationship you have to your perfection, made of desire and defiance, nostalgia and inaccessibility …
beauty is everywhere in the sensory experience of reality, it is inherent in a coherent and harmonious Whole. It allows you to perceive
– other dimensions of your being
– your life as an infinitely abundant ressource


in high frequency
an experience of fullness : unity, harmony, balance, fluidity, abundance

felt sense, comes in auditive, visual, tactile, … modes
you express your preference and choose the highest frequencies



SOS, survival kit

fear of lacking
comfort the body
(warmth, cosiness, contain it)
nurture it (light)
raise your frequency


two aspects
one in each hand
specific feelings and contrasts
invite both hands to join
overall sensation in body
raise your frequency


lack of confidence
body sensations
soft, delicate touch of skin
the skin = a permeable membrane
breathe through your skin
take more in (gradually) and then let more and more out
until the exchange is fluid and you can relax