resolutions or resolution ?

resolutions or resolution ?

our choice determines our path of evolution


news year’s resolutions
on the 1st of January many of us have made resolutions for 2018. Some of us will struggle with them and won’t keep them and others will be proud of ourselves for having the will power to keep them 

new year’s resolutions are born from the previous year’s performance and/or our expectations for the year to come. Usually they consist in creating loops of
strategic thinking

  • goal and targets setting
  • planning
  • to do lists
  • assessments

and so on

our resolutions are likely to be about sorting out issues, improving ourselves, stepping forward towards the ever elusive mirage of a perfect everything, which in this context is an illusion leading to predictable and recurring disillusions

in reality our resolutions are projections into the world (inner and outer) of our ego’s appreciation of ourselves and even the most open-hearted intentions are based on conditionings
it is most serious !


investing in conditionings 
our mindset is primarily defined by imprints from our culture, education, family, surroundings, activities, etc. Many of those are unconscious conditionings we give value to by investing energy in them. The trouble is that they cover and mask our unique personal abilities, capacities and potential. They also determine our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical choices, preferences, habits, motivations,  etc.

  • what motivations underly our resolutions ? 

probably to be good, do better, succeed… support, heal, serve … enjoy health, happiness, balance … to name a few

  • what stereotypes dictate them?
  • what values and standards does our belief system set for these resolutions ? 
  • are they really ours ?

we are perfect as we are, but we are limited by all that prevents us from being ourselves
our belief system plays a central part in this, by restricting who we are and how we can change and evolve



on dissolving resolutions 
all resolutions we have ever made were based on a perceived lack or imperfection of Self. Almost fatally they made us play the duality game:  good and bad, less and more, you and me, etc. In the mirror of projected reality, nothing will ever be good enough, we experience this as yoyo movement

  • either we push ourselves and try harder, to ensure that we are strong and on top of things 
  • or we give up and blame ourselves for being incapable or lazy and feel low and discouraged

there is no solution to antagonism in duality, unfortunately, and we will never connect with our Self that way!

instead of trying hard and failing or faking it, with the unavoidable increase of self-doubt, self-unworthiness and/or self-cheating

  • how about deliberately dropping the resolutions made recently now ?

  • rather than sugarcoating our inner mess with good resolutions, why don’t we let them dissolve like sugar in water?


panoramic vision
what we could do instead, is gain enough altitude and depth to get a 360° panoramic view of where we are at here and now and

                                                                                         tune in





                                                                                 again and again

emerges from
the eternal stillness
of the innermost


this implies facing ourselves and our wounds and for each of them feeling the pain until it dissolves
this is a very scary thing to do, obviously, and usually what puts us off

yet it is a sure way we can value, honour and own who we are
it takes focus, awareness and being determined to transform what causes suffering, but it pays off !


resolutions vs revolution
only by challenging our belief system radically, do we have a chance to get out of the box

how ?

we genuinely and spontaneously embrace and believe in what resonates with who we truly are. It is an immediate, straightforward and obvious response that gives us joy, wellbeing and happiness
this is a sure gauge for questioning beliefs, so we know whether or not we agree with them and so we can set ourselves free by dropping those we can’t keep and honour

unconscious : certain beliefs we adopted mimetically, we are not very aware of them
outdated : we did invest in some beliefs at some point, but no longer do now
biased : we put up with other ones, although we never really engaged in them
abusive : some were imposed on us and we wouldn’t/couldn’t reject them openly

in any case we got trapped in them


resolution is evolution
our challenge is to have the courage to tackle our personal issues (self-worth, self-esteem, self-love…) and resolve them. They commonly take any form of self-abuse and affect any part of our being
facing ourselves takes time and requires commitment and dedication, but it is a really freeing experience

let 2018 be our moment of truth and the year during which false beliefs dissolve! We don’t need to play the resolution game anymore and invest in an outdated belief system which perpetuates self-sabotage (= Self denial)

we are perfect, our destiny is perfect, life is perfect and the world is perfect as they are. What needs perfecting instead is your inner connection with ourselves, so we can acknowledge our inner wounds, transform our life experience and keep evolving indefinitely. That’s how we can best impact on the world 


you have free will, it’s up to you !



immense love

immense love



enveloping      sweet                  passionate     patient    

     protective      unfathomable     demanding      forgiving      burning    

      multiple      flawless      precious      generous     cherished      enriching      blind  

tolerant      placid      grateful      betrayed       life saving      adored     unique

comforting     rejected     enabling     revealing     nurturing     attentive   

     overflowing     vast     turbulent    

radiant       immoderate    





new year’s (r)evolution 
let’s begin with unconditional love
this sets the bar high enough !

feel it in your heart
and express it with your own words

unconditional love is all encompassing
ALL is ONE, without any distinction or exclusion
and everything keeps transforming and evolving all the time
with amazing fluidity

to Maryse



zero point

zero point

a dot
connecting across dimensions
the vastness of a limitless space
a universe (multiverse) of infinite possibilities

a state of stillness
and silence
revealing multiple (countless) aspects/layers/dimensions
of life weaving

hitting zero point
enriches humanity
enhances the world

beyond our comprehension

get focused
go deep within
and listen
and again



the memory of water

the memory of water

our original blueprint, a unique expression of the Divine in a human shape, is a living 3D mandala. It is present in every single cell of our body where it maintains an inalterable harmonious field. The signature of Self  is imprinted in our body (made of 99,1 % of water molecules), which keeps a trace of it. It is also reflected in the mirror of water everywhere around us (in all that is alive)

our thoughts and emotions are actually anomalies, which momentarily or durably veil the constantly evolving perfection of this mandala. A clear mind is empty and receptive (viveka) and a peaceful heart is open and still (aviplavā). And together they express moment by moment the infinite splendour of the Self in every aspect of our human experience

our field becomes incoherent when we disconnect from Self. A disharmonious energy field will manifest through disease or disorder of mind, heart and/or body. To the extent we are aware of it, it is our responsibility  to bring our field back to it’s essential structure, whenever we realise that it is troubled.

bodily sensation, especially touch, but also rhythm and pulse are quick and effective ways to reconnect with Self. Then the veil dissolves and harmony reappears, even though it takes a while for the mind, heart and body to regain their balance



smash the core defence : self-sabotage

smash the core defence : self-sabotage

over the past weeks, sudden surges of implosive/explosive energy have caused parts of walls of our core defence to fall apart, leaving us knackered and our most vulnerable spot (core wound) exposed. Although extremely destructive and excruciatingly painful, these surges are necessary and positive. Their purpose is to dismantle and to disintegrate the patterns by which we sabotage ourselves


these are fear based mechanisms; instinctive reactions are inevitably fight, flight or freeze. Then our mind promptly steps in and tends to interfere, so we end up investing mentally in the fear, and reinforcing the core defence pattern. What is most needed however, is feeling the wounded part in us and acknowledging that it needs support and care (and give them to it)

fight : however shocking, the eruptions/blasts of the worst raging/raw/ruthless part of us mean we are hitting the right spot! The energy released when anger or frustration that have been trapped for a long while are unlocked is tremendous and it can be used creatively to set ourselves free in every possible way. Unless we re-invest it in projections on the scenario (not the cause, obviously) that triggered it to erupt and go for another round of the same

flight : running away and disconnecting from our body is not a good option in the long run, on the contrary. What we need, is bringing our focus back on our body and be fully with it. In order to experience what is going on without loosing our ground, we need to be anchored in our body and firmly rooted in matter and on Earth (btw: this is also how we can fully embody our light!)

freeze : when we suddenly enter in a frozen state, we are out of the picture and therefore disempowered. But we are also somehow beyond the catching area of the defence pattern, i.e safe (from it). When we come back to ourselves, if we don’t move back to well known territory (self-sabotage) too quickly, we have a chance to feel the pain (remember : feeling our core wound is the way we can heal it)


we know self-sabotage very well, actually. We have identified it a long time ago, we know its pattern and what can trigger it, although we couldn’t really access it so far. To complete the current phase of evolution, we now have to get rid of that pattern. As is often the case, the resolution of the problem lies within the forces at play

the problem with our mind taking over, covering and protecting our wound, is that it stops the movement by which we could get in touch with the wounded part and feel it. That’s how self-sabotage works. Our mind prevents feeling by taking us away from our body (body feels and mind thinks) and without feeling it, there is no way our wound can heal

our instinctive reactions to protect our wounded part are actually openings, and each to them offers a creative solution to dissolve the defence. On condition that our mind doesn’t invest in them (explaining, interpreting, rationalising, …), they give us an opportunity to feel the pain caused and the wound will heal


the cure is

                 love     love     love     love     love



first spring picks

first spring picks

here are a few things that struck me since the big balancing of polarities at the equinox
take time to perceive each of them with all your senses, before ingesting them
… and to stay with the impression left afterwards



(non)verbal language is but a small part of our interactions with each other. We are totally interdependent with all other beings and things on earth. The network of interactions we create feeds the continuum in which we live. Their quality matters. The level of awareness and the quality of presence we express each time we connect with somebody or something matters


we feed the continuum when we are the truth (= ourselves) and it manifests through us. We pollute it when our intention (however good) projects our vision/awareness/understanding on somebody or something thereby judging/depreciating them. Impeccable communication is paramount since we all live in/from the continuum


there is still a lot of labelling regarding love : we keep relating to (ideal outdated) belief patterns when in comes to gender, couple, family, friendship, mentorship, etc. Underlying is the persisting urge to help, heal, protect, nurture … based on good will, intention, empathy, compassion… It strangles the self-love to be born before hatching, a subtle vicious pattern which sadly attest little emotional maturity ! How can we support hatching self-love ? by being present, giving full attention and holding the space on the highest frequency we can hold


rainbow = light + water + vision
in our lower body system (body, heart, mind, consciousness) that’s how the magic works : connecting rays and chakras can manifest anything, when we are there !


when body and mind are still, we can feel the heart breath, its subtle resonance in response to the input of the common field. When listening and following its guidance we can operate and navigate safely even in the darkest of confusion and chaos


every division, separation or imbalance in us is a self-inflicted violence which feeds the global division, separation and imbalance. Discomfort, pain, suffering… in body, heart or mind signal a dissonance with our divine blueprint, they are out  sync with Self. Body, heart and mind are designed to self heal = re-sync. They will do, unless the intrusive ego stops the process



did you notice something ?
if so, what is it ?





3D = duality, separation, conflict      vs     5D = unity, oneness, love


what are you in relation with, interacting with, feeding from ? The 3D-5D polarisation is increasing and will reach a climax by the spring equinox (the balance and tilting point of light and dark)

it means that you have to choose your camp and update your preferences, but also to clear your karmic contracts and/or let go of any attachment to what you don’t believe in anymore

you can believe and invest in what you want, it is entirely up to you (from a higher perspective both the 3D and 5D camps are equally illusory), but your choice is important, because you are going to play different games depending on what you decide

you already have opted for 5D actually, we all have !

but where the polarisation is felt with excruciating pain is in the discrepancy between your Self’s perfect resonance with the global shift and the misalignment/lack of focus/limited expansion of your consciousness, mind, heart and body in relation to yourself, others and the world

this is due to clinging to stale outdated duality based patterns we have long grown beyond. The attachment isn’t so much to the processes we went through (most of which having been tedious and painful enough), but to the known (a bit like the toys you were playing with when you were little and you are holding on to)

obviously, there is a lot of fear when confronted with the unknown : uncertainty, loss of boundaries, vulnerability, exposure…

Connecting with the fear within you and around will only feed it. When moved by fear we tend to instinctively react to a life threat (real or imagined). Acknowledging it and going through our instinctual reaction patterns (fight, flight, freeze) until the process is complete and we are back to Self and the flow is THE way. It is a safe sensory experience in/of the body and it’s neither mental investigating (explaining, justifying or reflecting) nor an indulging in emotional overwhelm

the safest place for us to face the unknown is when we are in tune with our Self and anchored in the reality of our human life and circumstances, i.e. on a dot in the middle of the raging ocean. A split second of inattention and we find ourselves light years away, a slight twist in mind or heart and we are torn apart and dismantled by the fury of the elements

our BODY is the place of the experience, our physical vehicle (its failures and shortcomings included) where we are to embody our Self, the complete merger of spirit and matter allowing further developments yet to be discovered/imagined

is 5D really unknown actually ? yes and no. We haven’t been there before in a human body, it’s the next phase of human evolution, so it is uncharted territory for us to explore and play in and have fun with. Yet the joy, lightness, ease and limitless possibilities we discover when in tune with these frequencies feel so familiar, we know them to be part and parcel of who are essentially

you got it all, but it doesn’t show in daily life, so what’s wrong with you ? no blame or judgment, let’s fine tune instead.

It’s not about getting anywhere or doing anything, so that a wonderful abundant blissful  5D reality manifests for you. It’s rather about BEING IN, here and now, totally with and involved in what is going on (always targeting you blind spot and perfectly designed for an instant shift for who has eyes to see and is willing)

still in need for some help ? get out into nature and fully allow its embrace, this will sort out the rest



choose higher !

choose higher !

let’s practice leaping beyond your (dis)comfort zone

you are essentially free
you always have access to the full spectrum of possibilities


part one 
why don’t you pick one or more options outside the usual range ?

perhaps you prefer to stick to what you know best rather than stepping into the unknown
sometimes you tend to do what you think you ought to do rather than what you most like doing

you can make any choice from an infinity of possibilities, it’s entirely up to you
pick anything that catches your attention or what inspires you and watch the magic at play

but bear in mind that if you don’t make a choice, you will automatically go back to your (old outdated) default settings and go for another round of the same usual pain and suffering

it’s a game, all it takes is a leap of faith !


part two
why don’t you shift to a higher frequency ?

when in fear choose love
when in separation choose oneness
when afflicted choose trust
when attached choose surrender

painful situations only show that your spaceship operates on a lower frequency than your Self

it’s scary, but it works!
take a leap, lift yourself up

it’s a game, all you do is shifting to your home frequency !


part three
why don’t you choose the life you want to have ?

create and manifest your vision within the unified field
from the selfless intention-less space of now
let your Self BE SELF
no interference

it’s a game, just for fun!



wishing you a happy leap into the NEW year



what is still missing ?

what is still missing ?

the feminine and the masculine are about to reunite, yet it is not happening !

fear is blocking the ultimate fusion

of course, it’s about ourselves and parts of ourselves that have been separate for eons. Although it reflects in our (intimate and other) relationships, it is primarily a personal issue. Whilst the triggers are obvious, the deep-seated unconscious patterns instead remain largely elusive and are difficult to touch on

stretched to the extreme, polarisation has become unbearable. It has got to be resolved and there are no two ways : the feminine and the masculine are meant to come back together and merge into one another

of course, the game of separation has been going on for ever, generating all sorts of distortions, perversions and abuse on either side, the most evident and patent of them being not necessarily the worst ones. The recurring gender issues we keep experiencing are a reflection of this game

several layers of fear are at play here :
there is fear of rejection, which causes a visceral repulsion and virulent mental reaction. It’s over the top and we are aware of it (which makes it worse, of course)

there is fear of happiness. It generates a slight tightness and closure and weaves a thin veil between the two parts, which covers the waves of emotions, but also prevents the joyful anticipation of the reunion. When the mind adds layers of projection, ideas and beliefs, we stiffen and the veil turns to a solid wall

and there is awe … the moment of entering the long lost sacred space of unity. It is the most precious feeling, a subtle and delicate dilation of the heart. At the doorsteps of the inner nuptial chamber, footsteps come to a halt in suspended time and space 

the answer is simple :
lay down your arms
breathe in sips of happiness (as small as you want them to be)
allow the merger and surrender to the bliss


nostalgia of oneness ?

nostalgia of oneness ?



I am one when I am connected with the Whole and in unison with the Self

enjoy the feeling !



with all my love



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