context : a second lockdown is announced for the end of October 2020
a collective phenomenon and an individual need
a strong time of growth and expansion (unlike in the spring)


   sharing resources

retraction                                                                         disengagement
expansion                                                                        ongoing transformation 

               taking distance, settling                                          back to self
               ascension                                                               feeling confident and safe

                                 inner stillness                                              freedom of breath
                                 open to the unknown                                  impulse

                                                                 walking through a door                          tumbling in the storm
                                                                 an open presence ahead                       inner clarity

do things we have never dome before

                                                       an opening at the bottom of a tube
                                                       access to our depth


  allowing the imbalance vs re-calibrating (in our comfort zone)

  1. avoid to go straight back to programming
  2. enables a different experience and knowing from experience


a blank space (outside the box)

expand your energy field
occupy the space completely in all directions
past present futur distinct/merged
the array of possibilities


C   dis-illusion et re-harmonisation

when the corruption of the system becomes slightly visible, regaining balance is a dis-illusion (reality is no longer perceived as it was)

when the entire belief system is dropped, the resolution is a reunion which re-established the essential perfection (with a change of plane, balance is restored in an expanded experience field)


D   looking after the network

  1. alert!
    learn to feel the signs, in a state of complete receptivity
    when disharmony persists, the vibration of the network always raises the alarm = warning signs. This applies to the systemic of any network

    bonus : give a tiny smart impulse and marvel at the harmonising tendency of the system

  2. texture of the network
    healing takes place at power sites (megalith, system of meridians …) on strategic key points (menhir, acupuncture point …), correct positioning induces the re-harmonisation, that’s it !

    bonus : witness the miracle !

  3. access/maintain the level
    the network is highly coherent, it tends to (re)create harmonious forms and to bring those who look after it to their highest frequency

    bonus : immediate benefit of being consciously there






the counterpart of your cristalline being , the summer retreat held in the French Alps in August 2020

a glimpse of networking, the autumn retreat held at Radhadesh, Belgium, from 28-31 October 2020

deep within every human being vibrates the frequency of unity
– being Self, experiencing all dimensions of our divine being fully on Earth
– living in intelligence with the cosmos, being totally aware of this phenomenal living complex unified network, in which everything is shared with everything instantly 

that’s what LIFE is about, nothing less !