I always give credit to others for the incredible newness of their existence.
Christian Bobin, La lumière du monde (the light  of the world)


in the fluid density of the field of our lives, the supple and complex weave born of the movements of one another




© Raymond Depardon


in the street or in the middle of nowhere, at any time: tiny and improbable encounters that shatter preconceptions and clichés




Gaël wandering through the night on his scooter

the lady with the quiche in the Palais Royal

the couple of punks on the metro

the photographer at the Lion Fountain

Lucy, the sculptor


© Jim Jarmusch, Paterson


always shared glances, faces seen and recognised
light up

sometimes a listening ear is born
then we often open up more freely, as if in a hurry

it’s invigorating, it feels good, it connects
it wakes you up


the security guy at the Philharmonie de Paris

the festival volunteer

the young woman with the feather

Albert, the guard at the Musée Réattu

Hélène, the concert place girl


© Raymond Depardon, Paris




where frequencies intersect, a space appears: a vast open field

a brief confidence
fleeting, striking exchanges, of which almost nothing remains afterwards, and yet a great deal: something indescribable

a jolt, a flash that puts us back in tune with ourselves and in network with others.


  © Saul Leiter


a precious antidote

to empty stares
agreed words
to the veneer of commercial exchange