the meridian ?

the mid-day break


the sofa of idle women


the fall of the shadow at solar noon
the shadow cast by prominent objects at noon
a sundial with the hours centred at noon
the imaginary line connecting the north and south poles and passing through one’s location
the vertical plane of a place that contains the axis of the world
the plane that passes through the centre of the earth and the direction that a magnetised needle points
a telescope used to observe the passage of the stars on the meridian

and also …

a succession of points joined by an invisible thread
the path through which vital energy flows
an element of a network of interconnected energy channels

from Latin
mi dies = half day
meridianus = of noon

the meridian ?

it is a newsletter,
a monthly update that will fan out in all directions following the textures of my reverie

it takes off today and will appear on the 22nd of each month


Vein to vein, fibre to fibre, leaf to leaf, branch to branch, what is felt at the fingertips, at the heart of the palms, travels through the meridians of the whole body.

François Cheng, L’éternité n’est pas de trop



winter solstice

where I am, the last light of day before the passage of the year